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Our Community

Headwaters has a strong established farmer base throughout New Zealand, and now has over 250,000 breeding ewes.  The commitment to a common goal, of raising hardy animals, with efficient on farm practices and systems while producing a premium product means that together our farmers are all united for a common goal.

A unique part of our community is our integrated value chain and the insight and connection we have from gate to plate with full transparency of the product and its success in market.

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Our farmers are a tight-knit community of forward-thinking innovators. Many of these families have been passionate stewards of the land for generations, a testament to our enduring commitment to the land, animals, and the legacy we're building for the next generation together."

At Headwaters, our strong sense of community is sustained by honesty, trust and accountability. We work together to experiment, learn and knowledge share to win together. We are connected to our customers, partners and each other, leading to an exceptional consumer experience.

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