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Headwaters goal is to enhance our footprint for future generations...

As part of this, we are committed to leading the industry and doing our part to ensure the regeneration and development of our farmers and their properties.

All of our Headwaters farmers must be signed up and enrolled to become accredited in the NZFAP+ programme.


Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Environmental

The New Zealand Farm Assurance Programmes (NZFAP and NZFAP Plus) provide confidence and certainty to the millions of consumers world-wide that the meat and wool produced from New Zealand's sheep, beef and deer farms is authentic, genuine, and safe.  Collectively they provide assurances regarding integrity, traceability, animal health and welfare, people, farm and natural resources and biosecurity.


All Headwaters farms are progressing towards the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme Plus (NZFAP Plus) this is a higher-level voluntary sustainability standard with three components additional to NZFAP; being People, Farm and Natural Resources and Biosecurity.  

Integrated farm planning is an integral part of this standard which has been designed to protect and enhance all resources, create better and more sustainable farming businesses and incorporate socially responsible and ethical practices. 

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