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Join us for this unique

Being a Headwaters farmer is a long term commitment, as you become a trustee of our Headwaters genetics and commit to the supply of our Lumina lamb programme.


great reasons to partner with Headwaters


Receive higher financial premiums for raising Lumina lambs.


Part of a collective farmers group, not operating as individuals, and we collaborate as such.


Access to farm systems and tools that create on farm efficencies.


Additional farm insights through the analysis of Headwaters data and relevant support in implementing a farm system.


Being part of a fully connected value chain; from farmers to processing, sales, marketing, chefs and diners.


Continually improving genetics through data collection and the measurement of other traits (such as IMF, growth rate, facial eczema, parasite resistance, methane emissions and tail length).


Our farmers are committed to environmental responsibilities through the NZFAP+ programme.


Development of the next young leaders through the creation of our Foundation programme. 


Guaranteed processing space with our partner Alliance Group as part of our commitment to the Lumina lamb programme. 

Join us on the journey...

Andrew Bendall - 027 299 5597

Tara Dwyer - 021 151 5669

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The Commitment of our Farmers

Through the purchase of Headwaters Rams, our Headwaters farmers are committing to the supply of those lambs to the Headwaters programme, and the exclusivity of that supply to our Lumina brand.

As part of this commitment, we commit to ensuring that you receive support, guidance, advice and the technology that makes your farm and flock the best it can be.

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Our Farm Practices

Our processes and standards that must be adhered to in the supply of our animals included the adherence to the genetic heritage of a Headwaters sheep, the finishing on Lumina finishing mix for a minimum of 35 days and supply specifications.

We therefore require all of our lambs to be EID tagged to ensure tracebility through the supply chain, and our programme provides you with access to better rates on the equipment.

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Sustainability, Animal Welfare and Environmental

Our goal is to maintain and enhance our footprint for future generations. As part of this, we are committed to leading the industry and doing our part to ensure the regeneration and development of our farmers and their properties.

All of our Headwaters farmers must be signed up and enrolled to become accredited in the NZFAP+ programme.

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